New SlowStop Products

A revolutionary new rebounding bollard system that absorbs energy, reducing damage to vehicles and assets, while protecting personnel.


  • 2 Year Product Warranty - The Slow Stop product line is backed by a two year warranty.
  • Increased Personnel Safety - Vehicle occupants are less likely to be injured as peak impact forces are lessened.
  • Reduced Damage - Damage is reduced to both the vehicle and the bollard during impact when compared to a rigid bollard.
  • Reduced Asset loss - Forklift loads are less likely to be lost during an accidental collision.
  • Instantly Operational - There are no waiting periods, such as concrete curing or paint drying, before the bollards are ready to use.
  • Modular System - Allows for replacement of damaged parts without excavating and repairing concrete.
  • Flexible Relocation - Relocation of the Slow Stop bollard is quick and simple.
  • Custom Fencing and Barriers - Fencing and complex barriers can be created to your exact size requirements without the need for welding.